Lates: Olympian animals

02 July 2024 18:20 - 18:40 The Royal Society Free Watch online
Professor Alan Wilson with a cheetah

This event is part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2024

When we refer to sports science, we often think of human performance. But have you ever wondered what makes a cheetah so fast? What technology is used to measure their performance?

Professor Alan Wilson FRS studies how the muscles and bones of athletic animals are specialised to move efficiently and quickly.  His team develop novel tracking collars which he uses to study predator prey interactions in wild animals and they have built and flown their own aircraft for fieldwork in Africa. In his talk he will explore the limits to athletic performance in humans, horses and in fast-running African mammals and offer advice on the best strategy to outrun a cheetah.  

Alan graduated from Glasgow University in 1987 having studied Veterinary Medicine and an intercalated BSc in Physiology. He subsequently undertook a PhD in the Anatomy Department at Bristol University where he studied the mechanical basis of tendon injury. Alan moved to the Royal Veterinary College in 1996 where he now holds the post of Professor of Locomotor Biomechanics. He is a Director of the Company of Biologists, a not-for-profit publishing organisation dedicated to supporting and inspiring the biological community. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2020.

Attending the event

This talk will be held in the Kohn Centre on Tuesday 2 July 2024, 6.20pm - 6.40pm. 

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  • Suitable for over 18s
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Image credit: Stuart Dunn