Science games and experiences

See what’s on offer at the 2024 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, including a free livestreamed session direct from the exhibition floor for those who cannot make it in person. Discover our top selection of free online science games from past Summer Science Exhibitions, showcasing the latest advances in science and technology. Explore fun digital activities and interactive content suitable for all the family. Our Summer Science research groups have created a range of fun and immersive activities for you to explore.

Alternatively, take a look through more of our highlighted content from past exhibitions below: 

Flood predictor: Discover the different factors that are involved in a flood event such as how wet the soil is and what the weather is doing. Then put your flood prediction skills to the test in the virtual simulator to see if you could be a weather forecaster.

Spike hero: You’ll need quick fingers to snap and sort these signals recorded by neurons in the brain. Can you ‘spike sort’ your way to a top score? 

Tanis impact event: Walk the final footsteps of dinosaurs with this animation sequence showing their last moments on Earth before the mass extinction event that occurred 65 million years ago. 

Tumour landscapes: Journey through a tumour landscape and try to identify the types of cells that make up a cancer tumour.

Carbon stories from around the globe: From the air we breathe to the seas we fish in, discover carbon stories from around the globe and use the data mode to see the shifting levels of atmospheric carbon over the past 20 years. 

Mining a sustainable future: Explore how we mine the minerals and metals needed for green technologies in a sustainable way so that we can future proof our planet’s supply of precious resources. 

Want to be involved in real research? 

Do you have a bee hotel in your garden? Calling all bee hotel owners, we need your help to carry out the first citizen science project looking at how bee hotels are being used across the UK. Follow the link below to find out more. 

AcCELLerate: Take part in this citizen science activity that enables you to contribute to real life research. Can you help Ecty the cell measure structures found within the mouth and train their programme to identify the tissue samples more quickly in the future?