Game Jam

We helped four of our exhibitors to produce video games inspired by their cutting-edge science.


We invited talented games development studios to work with the scientists behind this year's Summer Science Exhibition, a showcase of some of the best scientific research being undertaken in the UK.

Successful applicants sent teams of up to four developers to join the the scientists for a game jam on Friday 24 May 2013 in London.

The finished games are available here.

Practical details

Five teams were selected to participate in the game jam. Consortiums of developers or freelancers ere welcome, as long as there was one company as a main point of contact.

The game jam was held over a 12 hour period from 10am - 10pm. Food and refreshments were provided on the day along with reasonable travel expenses.  We provided a full terms and conditions when you apply.

Following the game jam, each development team received £2000 to further develop and polish their game. The finished games are freely available both online and at the exhibition itself. The public have been invited to vote for their favourite game and the winner will receive an additional £2000 to continue development.

The project is being supported by IndieCity and Unity Technologies. Temporary licences were available for Unity's platform for the project's duration if needed.

How to apply

Applications have now closed. 

If you have any questions then please email