The 350th Anniversary Campaign Close

The 350th Anniversary Campaign closed on 30 November 2010 having reached its goal of £100 million.

New and continuing priorities have led us to set a further fundraising target of £25 million while the Society completes its strategic review.  We have now raised a total of £8.8 million towards this target with £3.8 million being raised in the last financial year.  We are grateful to all those Fellows and Foreign Members who have continued to support the Society.

List of donors

The Campaign was led by the Development Board (below), chaired by Lord Sainsbury of Turville FRS.  The Society would like to thank the Board for its dedication and for its ongoing support as we continue to fundraise for key areas of our work.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville FRS (Chairman)

Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS (retired 2010)

Mr Adrian Beecroft

Professor William Bonfield CBE FREng FRS (joined 2011)

Mr Bill Bryson OBE (retired 2010)

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS (joined 2011)

Mr Stephen Cox CVO (retired 2011)

Lord Forsyth of Drumlean PC Kt (joined 2011)

Mr David Harding (joined 2010)

Dr Hermann Hauser CBE FREng

Lord Clive Hollick of Notting Hill (joined 2010)

Sir Ralph Kohn FRS

Dr Michael Lynch OBE FREng (joined 2010)

Dr Julie Maxton (joined 2011)

Sir Tom McKillop FRS

Professor Noreen Murray CBE FRS (retired 2010)

Sir Paul Nurse PRS (joined 2010)

Sir Peter Ogden

Dr David Potter CBE FREng

Lord Rees of Ludlow OM Kt FRS (retired 2010)

Lord Stevenson of Coddenham CBE (joined 2010)

Sir Peter Williams CBE FREng FRS

The Society is grateful to all those who have made donations and pledges of support to the Society during the period 1 April 2010 – 31 March 2011. The generosity of those listed below, as well as those who have chosen to remain anonymous, is deeply appreciated.

We would particularly like to acknowledge those members of the Presidents’ Circle who have supported the Society during this period.

Presidents’ Circle members

Professor Howard Morris FRS

Sir Kenneth Murray FRS and Professor Noreen Murray CBE FRS

Lord Sainsbury of Turville FRS

Sir Martin Wood OBE HonFREng FRS and Lady Audrey Wood OBE

EP Abraham Cephalosporin Fund

The Worshipful Company of Actuaries

AstraZeneca plc

The Beecroft Trust

BP plc

Brian Mercer Charitable Trust

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Hauser-Raspe Foundation

International Development Research Centre

The Kavli Foundation

The Kohn Foundation

The Leverhulme Trust

Microsoft Research

The Ogden Trust

Pfizer Inc

Qatar Foundation

Rolls-Royce Group plc

Shell UK

The Sino-British Fellowship Trust

The Stefanou Foundation

The Welton Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation

K.C. Wong Education Foundation


Anonymous (7)

Professor Girish Agarwal FRS

Professor Roger Alder FRS

Sir Geoffrey Allen FREng FRS

Mr Richard Barker

Mrs Natalia Benjamin

Dr A Blackburn

Sir Tom Blundell FRS

Sir Walter Bodmer FRS

Professor Harry Bryden FRS

Professor Roger Cashmore FRS

Professor William Chaloner FRS

Mr John Chan

Dr Allan Chapman

Sir Philip Cohen FRS

Mr Benjamin Cordier

Sir David Cox FRS

Mr Zumberlal Dalichand Baldota

Ms Martha Darling

Professor Anne Dell CBE FRS

Dr Peter Duncumb FRS

Professor Raymond Dwek FRS

Professor Geoffrey Eglinton FRS

Sir John Enderby CBE FRS

Mrs Patricia Erasmus

Professor Warren Ewens FRS

Mr Greg Fairley

Professor Michael Fisher FRS

Professor Richard Flavell CBE FRS

Professor Brian Foster OBE FRS

Dr Alan Fowler ForMemRS

Mr Robin Fowler

Mr Terry Garrett

Mr Bernard Glynn

Sir James Gowans CBE FRS

Miss Emma Grant

Professor Ian Grant FRS

Professor Brian Greenwood CBE FRS

Professor Richard Gregory CBE FRS (deceased)

Professor Nigel Grindley FRS

Mrs Hiromi Hamada-Coleman

Mr Michael Hancocks

Professor Antony Hewish FRS

Professor William Hill OBE FRS

Sir Gabriel Horn FRS

Mr Christopher Ince Jr

Professor Leslie Iversen FRS

Professor Patricia Jacobs OBE FRS

Mr Matthew Jarrett

Mrs Miriam Jencks

Professor Bruce Joyce FRS

Mr Graeme Kemp

Dr Ian Kerr FRS

Mr Yusuf Khokhri

Dr Gurdev Khush FRS

Professor Brian Launder FREng FRS

Professor Steven Ley CBE FRS

Professor Jane Lubchenco ForMemRS

Dr John Lund CBE FRS

Dr Andrew Mackintosh

Sir Ravinder Maini FRS

Sir Michael Marshall CBE DL

Professor Steven Martin FRS

Professor Dusa McDuff FRS

Professor Tom Meade FRS

Professor Elliot Meyerowitz ForMemRS

Dr Robert Moor FRS

Mr Mark Morris

Professor Howard Morris FRS

Mr Michael Murphy

Mr Clive Narainen

Mr John Neighbour

Sir Paul Nurse PRS

Ms Tracey Olsen

Professor Jeremiah Ostriker ForMemRS

Mrs Eleanor Pease

Professor Benton Rabinovitch FRS

Professor Susan Rees FRS

Sir Rex Richards FRS

Professor Peter Richardson FRS

Ms Mary Rose Seldon

Mr Matthew Saunders

Dr Ann Shirley

Professor Richard Sibson FRS

Professor Yakov Sinai ForMemRS

Sir Edwin Southern FRS

Mr David Sparks

Mr Simon Spiro

Mr Jason Standing

Dr Bruce Stillman AO FRS

Professor Charles Stirling FRS

Professor Trevor Stuart FRS

Mr Reinalt Vaughan-Williams

Professor Martin Vessey CBE FRS

Mr Robert Ward

Dr Peter Warren CBE

Professor John Waterlow CMG FRS (deceased)

Dr Jeffrey Watkins FRS

Professor Colin Webb MBE FRS

Mr Daniel Whittle

Sir Peter Williams CBE FREng

Professor John Willis FRS

Dr Richard Wood FRS

Professor Charles Yanofsky ForMemRS

Dr Ian Young OBE FREng

Mrs Shirley Zangwill 


29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

Altran Praxis

American Friends of the Royal Society

Armourers & Brasiers' Company


Carbon War Room

The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing

The Croucher Foundation

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

The David Harding Foundation

The De Laszlo Foundation

Elsevier B.V.

ERA Foundation

euspen Ltd

Google UK

The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment

The Ian Karten Charitable Trust

IBM United Kingdom Trust

Imperial College London

James Weir Foundation


London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust

L'Oréal (UK) Ltd

Loughborough University

Macfarlanes LLP

The Nuffield Foundation

The Open University

Queen's University Belfast

Renishaw plc

Rolex SA

Royal Academy of Engineering

Sheffield Hallam University

Taylor Hobson Ltd

The University of Birmingham

The University of Calgary

The University of Cambridge

The University of Dundee

The University of Edinburgh

The University of Glasgow

The University of Greenwich

The University of Leicester

The University of Manchester

The University of Oxford

The University of Surrey

The University of York

The Society is grateful for those bequests received and to those who have supported the Society in memory of others.

Lady Appleton (deceased)

Mr Goran Billing (deceased)

Professor William Burcham CBE FRS (deceased)

In memory of the late Miss Islay Charman

Professor Samuel Devons FRS (deceased)

Mr Felton Downes (deceased)

Sir Hugh Ford FREng FRS (deceased)

Professor Samuel Perry FRS (deceased)

Rink Bequest

Sir Denis Rooke OM CBE FREng FRS (deceased)

Mrs Betty Tyrrell (deceased)

Sir Frederick Warner FREng FRS (deceased)

Professor Harry Whittington FRS (deceased)

Our mission

To recognise, promote, and support excellence in science and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity.

Our priorities

  • Promoting science and its benefits
  • Recognising excellence in science
  • Supporting outstanding science
  • Providing scientific advice for policy
  • Fostering international and global cooperation
  • Education and public engagement