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Dr Angela Strank

My research

I’m a geologist by background and did a PhD in micropalaeontology. It is a very specialised field and it proved to be my entry ticket into the oil and gas industry. I have worked all over the world exploring for oil and gas, held diverse technical, commercial and leadership roles in exploration, and later in my career led large global teams of scientists and engineers developing new lubricant and fuel products for the marketplace. I am now a member of BP's Downstream Executive Leadership Team responsible for technology across all the Refining, Petrochecmicals, Lubricants and Fuels businesses. I have published over 30 papers in international and national journals, and often speak at international conferences on all aspects of science and technology in the industry.

My journey

Along with being a mother of two, I've had a rewarding and challenging international career as a technology and business leader with BP. It wasn't easy being a mother and managing a demanding international career, particularly in the early years, but I was determined to be a successful geologist and business leader in the oil and gas industry. I was on a mission in some respects. I wanted to show that women could be successful in the world of frontier exploration, as well as having a family and being a good mother. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I might inspire other young women to see that it is possible to combine an exciting international career in science, industry and business with family life.

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