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Professor Claire Carmalt

My research

Research in my group is concerned with developing innovative new routes to technologically important inorganic materials. We have a strong interest in the synthesis and characterisation of novel molecular precursors for use in the deposition of thin films of materials especially metal oxides and nitrides. The aim is to develop new highly volatile, non-toxic precursors, which are then used to grown thin films. The group is involved in research in Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD) including scale up development for industrial applications and combinatorial CVD.  The development of transparent conducting oxides, photocatalysts and superhydrophobic paints are of key interest.

My journey

I have greatly benefitted from the highly supportive environment in the Department for those wishing to work flexibly and I generally work one day a week from home. I particularly valued this in 2010 when going through a divorce and managing as a single parent (I now have a very supportive partner which has helped a great deal!). Being able to work flexibly, whether at weekends or evenings, enabled me to cover family commitments and so I do not feel that I have missed out on any of my children’s milestone. One bonus has been that I go into their schools to give lecture demonstrations and help with Science days! Support from my postdocs has helped me maintain a very active research group.

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