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Professor Daniela Schmidt

My research

My current research focuses on understanding the causes and effects of global warming and ocean acidification on marine ecosystems, both in the modern era and in geological time. My team and I characterise past intervals of rapid environmental change and determine the biotic response to these changes. We are using tools from a wide range of fields to develop methodologies to assess calcification response to past ocean acidification events and communicate our findings to provide policy relevant information about the impact of climate change on biodiversity.

My journey

I was fortunate to receive a long-term fellowship which allowed me to develop my research vision. I have the full support of my husband Peter which allows me to be a mum, supervisor, researcher and teacher. We shared the parental leaves for both of our daughters. Knowing that the girls where in loving hands, I was able to return to work, look after my group and keep in touch with my research. Now the girls are happy in an excellent and conveniently located nursery. Peter and I share work at home and the girls are happy with either of us being there for them. Making it all work is hard work and a lot of organisation.

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