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Professor Eann Patterson

My research

My area of research is applied mechanics. I am interested in developing optical techniques to measure deformation, strain and stress at the extremes of scale and conditions, and to understand how such data is used to validate computational mechanics models to establish confidence and credibility.  Current projects include measuring the interaction of nanoparticles in biofluids, to enhance understanding of particle dynamics and its influence on toxicity. We're also using novel methods to measure deformation fields in thermoacoustic vibration of aerospace panels, and developing a methodology for establishing quantitative measures of the reliability of simulations in the aerospace and nuclear industry.

My journey

When our children were very small we employed a full-time nanny so that they could stay at home and we could work.  Shortly after the birth of our third child, Alison gave up her full-time job as a University Administrator and after the birth of our fourth child she started to work from home as a freelance writer/researcher.  Most of the burden of childcare fell on Alison, particularly as shortly afterwards I became a Head of Department and my workload went up enormously.  Our domestic arrangements have remained unchanged through our move to the USA and back.

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