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Dr Emily Nurse

My research

I am an experimental particle physicist working on the large hadron collider at CERN, where high-energy sub atomic particles known as protons are collided together and many new particles are produced. The ATLAS detector surrounds a collision point and it deciphers the nature and energy of the produced particles. I am currently searching for Dark Matter: hypothetical particles that are thought to make up 85% of the matter content of our Universe, but that have never been detected.

My journey

I have a two year old daughter, Zoe. I took a year's maternity leave when she was born and I currently work 2.5 days per week, which is a perfect balance for me, UCL are incredibly supportive about my decision to work part time.  My current Fellowship is extremely flexible and I am able to freeze it for up to two years, without losing funding. My mum looks after Zoe one day a week and Matt does the childcare drop-off and covers extra days when I need them, which is a big help. I have found it is possible to work part time as a scientist, you just have to be very organised!