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Professor Ernesto Estrada

My research

I study complex networks from a mathematical and computational point of view. My research deals with the development of mathematical tools to characterise the organisational principles and dynamical properties of networked complex systems. These systems range in a wide variety of environments and include, but are not limited to, ecological, social, infrastructural, and biological systems. I also investigate the mathematical properties of molecular systems including drugs, new carbon allotropes and macro-molecular systems such as proteins and their interactions.

My journey

I left Cuba in 1999 when my daughter Gissell was seven years old. Since that year the Cuban government did not allow me to travel to Cuba and my only way to be in contact with Gissell was through 30 minute talks by phone every week. In 2005 I was allowed to return to Cuba and meet my daughter. After that year I travelled once or twice per year to see her. In 2008 I move to Glasgow and in 2013 Gissell came to study and live with me. She graduated with a First in Maths & Physics from Strathclyde and she is starting her PhD in Maths this year.

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