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Professor Helen McShane

My research

I have lead the TB group at the Jenner Institute since 2001 and my group developed the first new TB vaccine to enter into clinical testing, and the first vaccine to enter into efficacy testing. The group run a series of clinical trials to investigate the safety and immunogenicity of candidate TB vaccines and we work closely with African collaborators to run clinical trials in target populations in Africa. A current interest of the group is whether delivering a TB vaccine via the aerosol route (through nebulisation directly into the lungs) is a more effective method of vaccination than intramuscular vaccination.

My journey

I have three children, who attend three different schools, with differing holidays and multiple after school activities. Being a mother and a scientific investigator is a balancing act. I even defended my thesis whilst 12 weeks pregnant with my second child! Organisation is critical and my ‘to do’ lists are endless. One of the biggest challenges is my travel schedule, but you learn to be creative and we've even made family holidays around my work trips so my children have all been to Sengal, Gambia and South Africa!

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