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Dr Holly Bridge

My research

I am interested in the functioning and plasticity of the human visual system and investigate this using magnetic resonance imaging. I use a variety of approaches to investigate structure, function and connectivity. My specific questions relate to the changes that occur in the brains of people who are born without eyes (anophthalmic) and also those who have suffered damage to the visual cortex due to a stroke or trauma. Studying these populations can give insight into the reorganisation that can occur in the brain.

My journey

As my husband David is also an academic, we spent five years commuting between Brighton and Oxford before David got a job in Oxford when Aaron was two. I worked at 90% from the end of my maternity leave with Aaron until Abigail went to school so that I could spend Fridays with the children. Now both children are at school we work together to pick the children up from school at 3.15 and make up time working in the evenings. I have also run a weekly after school science club during this time.

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