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Dr Ian Humpreys

My research

Effective immune responses at mucosal surfaces are critical for the restriction of transmission, persistence, and pathogenesis of viral pathogens. My research seeks to identify immune  pathways that protect mucosal tissue from infection, and to understand the role that soluble mediators of the immune system, cytokines, play in regulating these responses.

My journey

We waited until I had my own group until we had children, which led to an interesting race between fellowship deadlines/interviews and the birth of our daughter! It meant more time writing grants and papers, so I could sometimes work from home and see more of the children. I often merge collaborative visits around school holidays so that the family can come too, and grandparents sometimes help with childcare. My wife’s successful freelance medical writing career enables great flexibility for childcare. This really helps when juggling our work and travel commitments around being there for our children.

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