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Professor Jayne Lawrence

My research

Currently much of a drug that is taken by the patient does not reach its site of action. In other words it is wasted, frequently being excreted without exerting any biological effect. By understanding the structure of the vehicle in which a drug is administered, I have sought to improve the delivery of drug to patients. I have achieved this by characterising the structures of drug delivery vehicles and studying how they interact with cell membranes, and by this means correlating the chemistry of the systems and their clinical effects in patients.

My journey

I couldn’t imagine not being a scientist, just as I couldn’t imagine not having children. Both were non-negotiable and make me who I am. However, balancing a family and a scientific career has been difficult, especially when my three children were young, and would not have been possible without the generous support of my partner. That having been said, it has been necessary to make compromises and sacrifices particularly as a young academic, although my life has been so much richer for having my children and I would not have changed things for the world.

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