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Professor Joseph Conlon

My research

I work on string theory and potential applications to particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics. It’s the ideal combination for me; I enjoy the deep mathematical structure that sits in the background with string theory, but it has always been physics rather than mathematics that makes the hairs on my arm stand up. Plus, by touring many parts of the subject, I get to learn lots of really nice physics!

My journey

After starting my first degree at 13 years old, the rest of my life has been about becoming more normal! I was lucky to get independent funding early, and so be able to work on what I wanted, how I wanted. As Lucy was working in London, I didn't do a postdoc abroad, and we lived between our work locations; first in Harlow and then in Slough. I am fortunate that as a theorist, I am not tied to labs and equipment and so can do a lot of gentle musing about problems anywhere and at any time, including lying with a toddler helping them to go to sleep.

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