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Professor Karen Halliday

My research

My lab studies how plants sense and react to different light environments. We are particularly interested in how external cues change the path of signalling through the molecular circuitry. I have really enjoyed working with scientists from other disciplines (eg maths and physics) as they offer different perspectives and new ways of addressing biological questions.

My journey

Family and science both bring life enriching experiences, so I consider it a real privilege to be doing both. When Eben and Annelie were younger, Andrew (also a scientist) and I were helped enormously by our superb, unflappable childminder Janice.  We have relatively high workloads, so dividing time between science and home is challenging; though this is offset to some extent by flexible working hours. We love to do whole family activities and have spent many a weekend learning to ski on Edinburgh’s dry ski slope, trying to learn to figure skate, walking in the countryside, playing on pristine Scottish beaches and partying.

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