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Professor Lesley Yellowlees

My research

I am an Inorganic Electrochemist who has diversified into development of Spectroelectrochemical techniques - that is, the simultaneous combination of electrochemistry with spectroscopy - in my case uv/vis and EPR spectroscopies. I have used these techniques to look at a wide range of interesting systems from solar dyes, to potential drug molecules, enzymes and catalysts working with scientists from all over the world. Recently, I have become increasingly interested in all aspects of renewable energy from science, engineering, economic, social and policy perspectives.

My journey

I love my family and I love my job. For me, the best way I found to combine both was to know with absolute certainty that my children were well looked after at all times. This then allowed me to concentrate on my career completely when I was at work. To that end I was very fortunate to have my parents and sisters living close by and a husband who got the children ready for school and made the packed lunches - mornings are not my best time. Support from work colleagues, friends and family has been key.

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