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Dr Li Zhang

My research

My research interest is to design novel communication techniques in order to improve the spectrum use efficiency and power efficiency to meet the ever increasing data rate demand. These techniques include Massive MIMO, Heterogeneous networks, interference cancellation, resource allocation, spectrum sharing, D2D communications and 5G mobile communications, etc.

My journey

I started my current career in September 2004 and had my two children in 2005 and 2007. It was difficult to start career and family at the same time, and always hard to juggle career and young family. I tried to make the most of the time when they were at nursery, and then school. Fortunately, my husband also works at university. Our flexibility at work helped us to carry on full-time jobs even when kids were young. I could always take papers and proposals home and work when the children went to bed. My research group has grown up to a good size and we produced research papers contributing to RAE08 and REF14. I was promoted to senior lecturer and senior IEEE member in 2011. I also started to take management roles at school in 2013. Most importantly, I did not miss joyful moments with my children.

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