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Dr Lotte Hollands

My research

My research is part of a blooming subfield that has recently emerged on the interface of particle physics and mathematics. On the physics side this involves questions from string theory, supersymmetric field theory and quantum gravity. On the mathematics side there are often deep relations to geometry, topology and algebra. My current work deals with questions from gauge theory, a framework that describes the interactions among fundamental particles such as quarks. Often these questions lead me to beautiful mathematics, which is my main driving force.

My journey

After giving birth to our son Tristan I was fortunate to be awarded a fellowship at the University of Oxford, where my partner Chris was based at the time. This funding gave us all the security and flexibility that we needed, moreover in a city where both of us had the opportunity to grow academically. A few years later, after giving birth to our daughter Nora, we were very happy to solve our now four-body problem in Edinburgh. All this time we were blessed with the support from our colleagues (worldwide) as well as from local parents.

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