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Dr Martin Genner

My research

I am an ecologist and evolutionary biologist, interested in what processes form, alter and maintain biodiversity. My group studies a range of species groups, including African cichlid fishes, Antarctic lantern fishes and European demersal fishes. We use population genetics, phylogenetics, metagenomics and ecological niche modelling.

My journey

We both work, and with two pre-school children we have to schedule carefully. We are extremely fortunate to have a fabulous child carer three days a week, and other days the children are in a wonderful local nursery. We both have sufficient flexibility to manage the drop-off and collection, and fortunately our most stressful times rarely coincide. I do not socialise with colleagues as much I would like, and I miss this. The trade-off is spending time with the children. One of the great things about having kids is that I don't worry about the pressures of work as much as I used to, and in the long run this shift in attitude has been very beneficial. I love fieldwork, and Mairead has been extremely supportive when I have needed to go on African fishing expeditions.

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