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Professor Nina Wedell

My research

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the evolutionary ecology of sex, in particular the role of selfish genetic elements in sexual selection and sexual conflict. My current research explores the potency of selfish genes in shaping the reproductive biology, mating system and even the sex of their host and the ramifications of this for sex differences and viability of populations, particularly in insects.

My journey

I love science and my research, but my son always comes first. This has made my life-work balance easier as I always know what to prioritise. Whilst being a scientist can be very demanding, it also has perks in terms of flexible working hours. As long as I deliver the research I can take time off to take my son to the hospital for example. Having a supportive research group is key to maintaining productivity and your sanity, and the growing awareness and implementation of Athena SWAN in the UK is most exciting, even though it has been a long time coming.

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