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Dr Paula Alexandre

My research

My research aims to understand the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate neurogenesis. I’m focusing on the mechanical properties of the neuroepithelia, cell signalling and cellular behaviours that may  influence neuronal production and progenitor self-renewal. This is important to elucidate normal brain development but also to understand the etiology of some human development brain disorders and brain tumour formation.

My journey

My career was always planned in advance so I could accommodate my family. After becoming a lecturer at UCL ICH, I only occasionally take my children to school. My partner Bruno does most of the school runs because he is more flexible as a freelance journalist. This way, I can have longer weekdays at work and be free at weekends to spend time with my two daughters. As a PhD student and postdoc, I also took short maternity leaves to reduce the impact on my ongoing research, as I felt it was necessary so I could pursue this exciting but also competitive career.

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