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Dr Seralynne Vann

My research

My research goals are to reveal and understand the importance of non-hippocampal brain regions, such as the mammillary bodies and retrosplenial cortex, for event and spatial memory. I use a number of convergent approaches including behavioural neuroscience, comparative neuroanatomy and cognitive neuropsychology, which involves working with patients with circumscribed neuropathology. As part of my research I have developed new models into how midbrain regions support hippocampal function. The overall aim is to uncover why damage to certain limbic brain regions has such profound effects on memory with a long-term goal of being able to reduce these impairments.

My journey

I always knew I wanted a career in science and to be a mother. However, I am physically disabled with chronic health problems and I always feared that this might be a barrier to having children. Despite that, with the help of IVF we were able to have our beautiful son. I took 11 months maternity leave and then returned to work part-time. Combining everything - and doing it well - is a huge challenge, but I have a brilliant team and a very supportive partner and family, which is a great help.

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