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Dr Stanislav Zivny

My research

I am a theoretical computer scientist. My research centres around the application of mathematics to the design and analysis of algorithms, with a long-standing interest in optimisation of discrete functions. Most of my work deals with developing efficient algorithms for optimisation problems that can be modelled by separable discrete functions, and proving under which conditions efficient algorithms for such problems can exist. Such problems are studied under many different names in various contexts of computer science: constraint satisfaction problems, pseudo-Boolean optimisation, inference in graphical models, Gibbs energy minimisation, or Markov Random Fields.

My journey

I'm originally from the Czech republic and my wife Biying is originally from China. As two immigrants in the UK, we don't have the support of our families that live in other countries. Thus it is rather challenging to combine our professional lives and raising a child. However, by various sacrifices and working hard, we have managed so far!

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