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Dr Timothy Easun

My research

My research tries to understand and control the nanoscale flow of molecules within porous materials using photochemistry both as the probe and as the control mechanism to make nanofluidic devices that may one day have applications in healthcare and in sensing technologies. I design, synthesise and characterise photoactive porous metal-organic frameworks, and study them by ultrafast time-resolved and spatially-resolved spectroscopies, using new and emerging photocrystallographic techniques to understand in detail the behaviour of guest molecules in single crystals.

My journey

Claire and I decided early on that since her career as an accountant is infinitely more geographically transferrable than an academic career she would sacrifice stability to follow me around the country. We both work long hours so good childcare is crucial, and we try to keep weekends as purely family time. I have had excellent academic mentors, and two long contracts at Nottingham really helped underpin both family life and the journey to scientific independence. My university research fellowship is supporting the next exciting phase of my career, setting up my own lab in a fascinating research area.

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