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Dr Yaara Erez

My research

My research focuses on cognitive processes involved in flexible and adaptive goal-directed behavior and how they are organized in the brain. I am interested in linking brain and cognition at multiple levels using a variety of techniques, including neuroimaging, electrocorticography (ECoG), computational modelling, and single-cell data. Looking at different scales of neural signals and brain networks, the aim is to get a better understanding of the neural codes and how they relate to behavior. I am also interested in translating the knowledge to benefit patient populations, such as people with brain tumours.

My journey

I had my two children during my PhD. Balancing work and family has been a challenge ever since, with different solutions for different ages, and lots of juggling. We moved to the UK for my postdoc when my children were two and four years old, and we all had to adjust. I was lucky to have my own funding, which allowed me to work independently. Flexibility is a key, and both me and my partner share domestic and childcare responsibilities. I am happy to be able to do the job that I love alongside sharing my life with my family.

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