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Broadening the curriculum

This project seeks to achieve long term reform of post-16 education, moving towards a broader and more coherent curriculum.

The Royal Society set out in its Vision for Science and Mathematics Education in 2014 a desire that all young people should study science and mathematics up to the age of 18 and recommended that teachers, employers, governments and the education community work together to design and introduce a broader and more balanced post-16 curriculum. 

This relates closely to the Society’s wider policy programme on the future of work. There are growing expectations that the way we live and work will change considerably because of technological innovation. In many countries around the world there has already been a move towards broader curriculums to better prepare young people for these future skills needs.

International Case Studies

The Society has commissioned a series of international case studies, looking at how curriculum reform has been managed in other countries and the drivers behind these reforms.

These case studies (Sweden, Belarus, Ireland, Manutius, Hong Kong and Spain) are available to download from this page.