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Translating innovation

The process of translating research outcomes into commercially viable products can be challenging, involving the need to overcome many technical and non-technical barriers. The Society helps scientists on this journey by providing grants and funding, offering training and mentoring and bringing together experts in academia and industry through our meetings and conferences.

Presented here are accounts of individuals who have used and built on the funding awarded by the Society to translate their research from academia to industry.

Explore the case studies

  • Greener, cheaper, more efficient: improving production through cutting-edge catalysts

    Dr Catherine Cazin is working with the chemical industry to commercialise her new, cleaner and greener catalysts.

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  • New standards for the future of mass spectrometry-based proteomics

    The analysis of proteins for drug development and diagnosis requires robust standards, such as those commercialised by Professor Claire Eyers.

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  • Pioneering the next generation of imaging: from pixels to perception

    Professor Graham Finlayson’s research in digital image processing has led to two spin-outs and is helping colourblind people to better see colours. 

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  • Painkiller patches for steady, targeted pain relief

    Patches over pills -  Professor David Haddleton spun out Medherant to develop transdermal drug delivery through adhesive skin patches.

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  • Getting it out there: leading the charge in the advanced materials revolution

    As a chemist, material scientist and entrepreneur, Dr Krzysztof Koziol is helping industry understand the benefits of using advanced materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes.

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  • StarStream: tackling the challenge of antimicrobial resistance

    Professor Tim Leighton is applying ultrasonics in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, and is now using his commercial experience to help others.

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  • Intelligent land-use: leading the big data integration

    Professor Mark Maslin’s company Rezatec uses satellite data to monitor the surface of the earth, helping the forestry sector, water industry and agriculture better manage their land and resources.

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  • Who will save us from space storms?

    Professor Cathryn Mitchell’s work on space weather in the Earth’s upper atmosphere is helping the satellite and communications industry forecast severe space storms and their impact on satellite technologies like GPS.

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  • Joining forces: smart specs to restore eyesight

    Combining computer vision and neuroscience, Professor Philip Torr and Dr Stephen Hicks are building intelligent wearables to increase what partially sighted people can see.

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  • Quantum security solutions: security guaranteed by the law of physics

    Dr Robert Young has co-founded Quantum Base to develop quantum security solutions applicable to a range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to communications.

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