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Timeline of statements, blogs and articles from the Royal Society on Brexit and UK science

Date Type Title
20 July 2022 Statement  Royal Society response to the publication of Supporting UK R&D and Collaborative Research Beyond European Programmes
4 March 2022 Statement  Royal Society response to Lords European Affairs Committee letters to Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, and the EU 
30 November 2021 Statement  New Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society calls for ever stronger UK participation in European research
13 May 2021 Case studies  The value of applying for EU research funding: case studies 
9 April 2021 Letter  Letter from the President of the Royal Society to Lord Patel, Chair of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee regarding the current issues facing R&D funding
18 March 2021 Factsheet The Government's actions undermine its ambitions for the UK to be a science superpower
5 March 2021 Factsheet  The UK Shared Prosperity Fund should help to grow research and innovation capacity across the UK 
19 February 2021 Consultation response  Royal Society submission to the Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry into Scotland and the Shared Prosperity Fund
11 February 2021 Blog What does the UK-EU deal mean for science?
24 December 2020 Statement Brexit deal and science 
6 November 2020 Letter  Letter from Sir Venki Ramakrishnan to the Prime Minister about association to Horizon Europe 
25 September 2020 Statement  The UK and Horizon Europe: Royal Society position statement 
8 June 2020 Statement Government must show real commitment to Horizon Europe
3 March 2020 Statement Reasons to keep UK science in European programmes
27 February 2020 Statement Government opens door for talks on Horizon Europe association
27 January 2020 Statement Response to No 10 Global Talent visa route announcement for scientists
23 December 2019 Statement Royal Society response to Home Office Tier 1 fellowship announcement
12 December 2019 Activities Brexit and General Election 2019
11 December 2019 Statement Why the UK must associate to Horizon Europe
5 November 2019 Statement Response to Sir Adrian Smith report on future frameworks for international collaboration
16 October 2019 Factsheet Brexit uncertainty harming UK science
2 October 2019 Factsheet Opportunities and challenges for research and innovation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
8 August 2019 Statement Royal Society responds to new fast-track visa announcement
18 July 2019 Factsheet UK science and immigration: why the UK needs an internationally competitive visa offer
18 July 2019 Letter Royal Society President calls on Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to rule out no-deal Brexit
3 June 2019 Letter National Academy Presidents write to Home Secretary about £30,000 salary threshold
31 May 2019 Consultation response Response to Sir Adrian Smith's call for evidence on future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation
28 May 2019 Factsheet £30,000 salary threshold for visas would be detrimental for research and innovation
13 March 2019 Statement
President of the Royal Society calls for MPs to reject no-deal Brexit
25 January 2019 Consultation response
Response to Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry on preparations for no-deal Brexit
18 January 2019 Factsheet No-deal Brexit: highlighting impacts on international science
16 January 2019 Statement Venki Ramakrishnan reacts to rejection of EU withdrawal bill in House of Commons
19 December 2018 Statement Royal Society responds to the publication of the Immigration White Paper
30 November 2018 Letter Academy Presidents write to Home Secretary about the importance of international collaboration
15 November 2018 Statement Royal Society reacts to UK-EU withdrawal agreement
22 October 2018 Letter Top scientists apply Brexit pressure
11 October 2018 Statement Royal Society statement on Horizon Europe
27 September 2018 Blog Return of the MAC: what does the future hold for UK immigration?
19 September 2018 Statement Royal Society responds to publication of Migration Advisory Committee report
5 September 2018 Factsheet Brexit no-deal factsheet
2 August 2018 Consultation response Submission to the Defra Consultation: Environmental Principles and Governance after EU exit
19 July 2018 Letter Royal Society President writes to the Prime Minister regarding Brexit White Paper
5 July 2018 Letter Three Presidents unite on Brexit
13 June 2018 Factsheet  Factsheets on UK research and the EU: People (PDF), a shared vision for research (PDF), regulation (PDF)
7 June 2018 Statement Royal Society reacts to €94.1B Horizon Europe proposal
5 June 2018 Statement Statement on the principles that should shape the UK’s future relationship with the EU in the area of research and innovation
21 May 2018 Comment Prime Minister wants UK to have a ‘deep science partnership with the EU’
4 May 2018 Statement Future Partnership Project
28 March 2018 Blog Brexit and research – What we know and what we don’t know
8 March 2018 Statement Position paper on Framework Programme 9
2 March 2018 Article Questions about Brexit and research: Access to research funding and Working in the EU and UK
5 February 2018 Consultation response Consultation response: Brexit science and innovation summit
1 December 2017 Blog Future Partnership Project: a vision for the future of UK and EU science
30 November 2017 Speech Anniversary Address from Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society
23 November 2017 Article Venki Ramakrishnan calls for clarity in UK and EU policy post-Budget
8 November 2017 Consultation response Consultation response: impact of Brexit on UK business
6 September 2017 Comment Venki Ramakrishnan responds to the Government's Brexit paper
27 June 2017 Speech Alex Halliday's keynote speech at Parliamentary Links Day
29 March 2017 Statement Seven Academies response to the UK triggering Article 50
1 March 2017 Blog Science and the EU: meeting the London diplomatic community
23 January 2017 Consultation response House of Commons Home Affairs Committee inquiry on immigration
19 January 2017 Blog Theresa May makes science a Brexit priority
15 January 2017 Consultation response European Commission interim evaluation of Horizon 2020
20 December 2016 Comment Select Committee report: Science and the EU
3 November 2016 Blog Brexit and the international mobility of scientists
18 August 2016 Blog Brexit and UK science – the long and the short term
18 August 2016 Consultation response House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry on leaving the EU
16 August 2016 Consultation response House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry on UK climate policy
12 August 2016 Comment The Royal Society responds to the UK Government underwriting EU grants
25 July 2016 Statement European Academies' statement: Science is Global
19 July 2016 Statement Seven Academies statement after the EU referendum
28 June 2016 Speech Venki Ramakrishnan's keynote speech at Parliamentary Links Day
24 June 2016 Comment The Royal Society comments on the result of the EU referendum
June 2016 Factsheet UK research and the European Union: a series of reports on people, funding and collaboration, and regulation
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