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Research Culture

The culture of research is shaped by innumerable different forces. This includes the allocation of funding, publication of research findings and evaluation of research output. The way complementary activities like peer review and building collaborations are rewarded affects the priority they are given by researchers. The possible career paths that permeate the research environment determine the range of people represented there, and the skills and experiences they have. 

To maintain and support research excellence in the UK to 2035 and beyond, the Royal Society has started an ambitious programme of work to build understanding of these complex interactions. Identifying how these connections work in combination, not isolation, is fundamental to the Society’s approach. Through this programme the Society will generate fresh thinking around how to influence research culture, to prioritise integrity, ensure continuing research excellence and build resilience in an evolving research landscape.

Changing Expectations

This Royal Society project aims to understand how best to steward research culture through a shifting research landscape.

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