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Research Culture

Museum of Extraordinary objects exhibition. The new career map: Liv Bargman and Stephen Bennett

The culture of research influences what work is done, who does it and its quality, and it itself is shaped by innumerable different forces. Research culture comes from the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms that exist amongst people in the research ecosystem. It influences the career paths available to researchers, and the way they work, collaborate and communicate their findings.

The Royal Society’s research culture programme aims to embed a culture of research that will support the science community and the scientific endeavour looking forward to 2035, addressing the issues outlined above holistically through a series of activities. It includes challenging assumptions about how success was achieved in the past, considering the state of the system today and inspiring fresh new thinking about what an idealised future could look like.

Changing Expectations

This Royal Society project aims to understand how best to steward research culture through a shifting research landscape.

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