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Where will your career take you?

Case studies

  • Dr Amber Griffiths

    Dr Amber Griffiths works at the interface between society, research, education and policy. 

    Explore Amber's career

  • Bill Hinchen

    Now a science writer for biotech company Abcam, Bill explains the depth of skills and experiences he’s gained throughout his career and shares the challenges he’s overcome moving from the world of academia to editorial.

    Explore Bill's career

  • Dr Darren Logan

    After many years raising his academic profile, Dr Darren Logan has now moved into industry as the Head of Research at Mars Petcare, but remains a visiting scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge.

    Explore Darren's career

  • Dr Elizabeth Fullam

    Dr Elizabeth Fullam is a PricewaterhouseCoopers tax consultant turned researcher.

    Explore Elizabeth's career

  • Dr Ellen McDonagh

    Dr Ellen McDonagh has forged her own scientific career path, pioneering a role as Head of Curation at Genomics England.

    Explore Ellen's career

  • Dr Fleur Loveridge

    Dr Fleur Loveridge is a civil engineer who graduated into industry, but decided to return to university mid-career to complete a PhD and follow an academic pathway. 

    Explore Fleur's career

  • Dr Graham Coates

    Dr Graham Coates first put aside thoughts of becoming a lecturer to take up a career in industry with British Aerospace. A mid-career reassessment then took him back into academia.

    Explore Graham's career

  • Dr Graham Neill

    Dr Graham Neill followed a traditional academic career path before transferring into industry. He is now a Senior Medical Science Liaison working at the clinical interface between researchers and patients.

    Explore Graham's career

  • Dr Ina Colombo

    After more than 10 years’ experience working in the engineering industry and in research, Dr Ina Colombo is now a senior academic at the International Institute of Refrigeration in Paris.

    Explore Ina's career

  • Dr Joe Flatman

    Now Head of Listing Programmes at Historic England, Joe’s previous experience from a braided career has proved to be highly valuable in his public-sector role.

    Explore Joe's career

  • Dr Kenji Takeda

    Dr Kenji Takeda has worked across multiple sectors, and the strands of his braided career in academia, industry and policy continue to complement one another.

    Explore Kenji's career

  • Dr Linda Bloomfield

    Dr Linda Bloomfield is a materials scientist turned potter. Following a successful early career in x-ray crystallography, she now combines her scientific expertise with her love of crafts to run a successful small business.

    Explore Linda's career

  • Dr Maria Ocampo-Hafalla

    As Lab Manager for Education & Science Educator at the Francis Crick Institute, Dr Maria Ocampo-Hafalla stresses the importance of mobility, adaptability and mentorship throughout her career.

    Explore Maria's career

  • Dr Mark Richards

    Dr Mark Richards has a track record of cutting across traditional academic boundaries to explore multidisciplinary research, education and outreach.

    Explore Mark's career

  • Dr Michael Clare

    Dr Michael Clare is a chartered geologist who recently completed his PhD and transitioned into academia, following a decade as a consultant to the offshore oil and gas, infrastructure and renewables industries.

    Explore Michael's career

  • Dr Nessa Carey

    Dr Nessa Carey was a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College when she decided to move to industry. She publishes popular science books, contributes to the Huffington Post and advocates the need for more cross-sector collaboration.

    Explore Nessa's career

  • Dr Nigel Pickett

    Dr Nigel Pickett is co–founder of Nanoco Technologies and inventor of quantum dot scale-up technology. He spent his early academic career in the UK, Japan and the USA, where he transferred into industry and set up his own company.

    Explore Nigel's career

  • Dr Stuart Cantrill

    After an academic career in both the UK and USA, Dr Stuart Cantrill joined the world of scientific publishing and is now Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry.

    Explore Stuart's career

  • Dr Sudhakaran Prabakaran

    After working in medical research in the USA and UK for over a decade, Dr Sudhakaran Prabakaran now participates in a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, UK and the Government of India.

    Explore Sudhakaran's career

  • Jess Smith

    Jess Smith was drawn into communications as a young research assistant, and is now a successful freelance science writer.

    Explore Jess' career

  • Professor Graeme Reid

    Professor Graeme Reid is Chair of Science and Research Policy at University College London (UCL), who has worked at the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) and as a senior civil servant.

    Explore Graeme's career

  • Professor Graham Towl

    Professor Graham Towl was Chief Psychologist for HM Prison Services and a senior civil servant. He is now Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Durham.

    Explore Graham's career

  • Professor Jane Clarke FRS

    Professor Jane Clarke FRS has built a global reputation in Molecular Biophysics thanks, she says, to the support of open-minded individuals with foresight.

    Explore Jane's career

Dr Mark Richards, Imperial College London and Duvas Technologies - Changing Expectations case study subject

Changing Expectations investigates the evolving relationship between the research community and the wider research system. It draws on experiences of our past, and present, and explores potential futures.

The career case studies are the first stage of the Changing Expectations project, and inspire researchers to think differently about what success looks like in the present, to challenge ideas about what skills and achievements should be valued.

Read more about the case studies in our blog.

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