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Integrity in practice toolkit

Museum of Extraordinary objects: Memorial to failure (2032)
Museum of Extraordinary objects: Memorial to failure (2032)

Integrity in practice is a toolkit for those who wish to continue to improve research integrity and support a positive research culture within their organisation.

This resource has been developed by the Royal Society, as part of its Research Culture programme, and the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO), as part of their ongoing work in support of research integrity. 

Integrity is an essential part of good research and an important part of research culture. It covers everything from abiding by institutional policies, standards and protocols, to reporting research findings clearly and transparently. Research integrity gives confidence to others, including the public, that the findings and results of scientific research are reliable and trustworthy.

The Integrity in practice toolkit features a series of case studies of positive interventions made by individuals and organisations from across the globe to improve research culture and integrity. It contains seven ways that could help individuals and organisations bring life to the codes, concordats and pledges they are committed to.

Integrity in practice demonstrates that enhancing research culture and integrity does not always require major effort and resources. Simple improvements by individuals can make a positive difference to the research environment.

Download the Integrity in practice toolkit (PDF), and start the conversation on how you could improve the research integrity and culture within your organisation.


This document is also available in Chinese - 这份文件还有中文版本

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