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The Museum of Extraordinary Objects

Science funding referendum, public ballot voting form. Artist Tere Chad.

The Museum of Extraordinary Objects comprises a series of artworks resulting from an experimental collaboration between the Royal Society and artists studying on the MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London). The museum was developed to be used in the Visions of 2035 workshops to initiate conversations about the future of research culture. 

Working to a brief to create pieces that would provoke imaginative thought, the artists designed speculative objects from a museum in 2035, looking back at watershed moments in the development of UK research culture. Each object is underpinned by a narrative around one theme; from team science to research integrity. 

Read more about the Museum of Extraordinary Objects and find out how to join the conversation about the future of research culture by running the Society’s Visions of 2035: open access workshop.

Artist Credits

1 - Public Ballot Voting Form - Tere Chad
2 - Memorial to Mars Mission - Helen Cawley, Priya Odedra and Josh Bourke
3 - Young’s Translator - Stephen Bennett and Amy Starmar
4 - Noble Award for Team Science - Hazel Ching-Hsuan Chiang
5 - Lab Cab Transport Container - Julie Light
6 - The New Career Map - Liv Bargman and Stephen Bennett
7 - Interdisciplinary Collaboration Wheel - Neus Torres Tamarit and Reggy Liu
8 - Museum Curator - Julie Light

Funding Wheel (2028) Funding Wheel (2028) Lab Cab (2026) Lab Cab (2026) Memorial to Failure (2032) Memorial to Failure (2032) Noble Award (2030) Noble Award (2030) Public Ballot (2025) Public Ballot (2025) New Career Map (2027) New Career Map (2027) Young's Translator (2031) Young's Translator (2031)
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