Week in Westminster

Sleeman McGovern Dr Judith Sleeman and Jim McGovern MP

The Pairing Scheme starts with the ‘Week in Westminster’; a programme of activities for the scientists including seminars, workshops, shadowing opportunities and a tour of Westminster (view the 2013 programme). This ‘week’ aims to give the scientist a taste not only of the approach to science policy but of Parliament and the Civil Service in general.

The ‘week’ takes place between October and December each year. During the ‘week’ Parliamentarians or civil servants will spend a day with their scientist to give further insight to their working life.

Scientists will also attend seminars, lectures and tailored workshops relating to science in Parliament and Government. There will also be opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament and attend Select Committee meetings. Other activities may include attending Prime Minister’s Question Time, Lords Oral Questions and debates in both Houses of Parliament, observing meetings with ministers, following the Parliamentarian to press interviews, visiting Government offices and attending policy meetings.

Applying for this scheme

Applications for scientists are now closed. Please email publicaffairs@royalsociety.org for more information.

Format of the scheme

Week in Westminster
Programme of activities for the scientists, including a day with the MP or civil servant.

Reciprocal visits 
A visit to the MP's constituency or the civil servant's office and a visit to the scientist's research facilities.