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Climate change

It is a critical time for the state of the planet and human wellbeing.

The number of people living on the planet has never been higher, their levels of consumption are growing and changes are taking place in the environment.

What role does science, and the Royal Society, have to play?

What are we doing?

Science can help us to understand changes, what drives them, and how they might affect us in the future.

Science can also uncover and develop solutions, from reducing our impact on the environment to making societies more resilient to changes.

The Royal Society provides independent, timely and authoritative scientific advice to UK, European and international decision makers on climate-related issues including changes in the environment, energy source, biodiversity and extreme weather.

climate change


You and the Planet

We also work to demonstrate the importance of these issues and communicate effectively to the public.

Our You and the Planet programme of events explores the need to do things differently. We hosted events across the UK, at leading cultural attractions including the Natural History Museum and Eden Project, to examine the topics that will define our future. From how we grow and consume food, to the biodiversity of the environment around us, the series reviews the state of the planet as it is now and what needs to be done to create a sustainable future.

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Climate change Q&A

Is the climate warming? If the world is warming, why are some winters and summers still very cold?

Working with America's National Academy of Science (NAS) we answer 20 key questions on climate change science.

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