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Kavli Medal and Lecture

Image of the interior of the Joint European Torus fusion facility, operated by UKAEA at Culham Science Centre. Credit: EUROfusion

Kavli Medal and Lecture winner 2019

Professor Ian ChapmanProfessor Ian Chapman

The Kavli Medal and Lecture 2019 is awarded to Professor Ian Chapman for his scientific insight that has illuminated the complex physics of confined plasmas and prepared the way for fusion burn.

Professor Chapman will be awarded a medal and a gift of £1,000 at the associated prize lecture in 2020.

The award

The Kavli Medal and Lecture is now awarded annually for excellence in all fields of science and engineering relevant to the environment. The medal is of bronze gilt and is accompanied by a gift of £1,000.


The call for nominations is now closed. The next round of nominations opens in November 2019.

Past winners

Professor Edward Hawkins was awarded the Kavli Medal and Lecture 2018 for his significant contributions to the understanding and quantifying natural climate variability and long-term climate change, and for actively communicating climate science and its various implications with broad audiences

Professor Henry Snaith FRS was awarded the Kavli Medal and Lecture in 2017  for his discovery and development of highly efficient perovskite solar cells which promise to dramatically increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar energy.

Professor Matt King was been awarded the Kavli Medal and Lecture in 2015 for his research in field glaciology leading to the first reconciled estimate of ice sheet contribution to sea level.

See full list of all past winners of the Kavli Medal and Lecture


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