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Case study: Dr Jennifer Linden and Dr Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug

International Exchange, 2014-2016

University College London, UK and Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany

Hearing the Ending: Brainstem Origins of Auditory Temporal Processing Deficits

Jennifer Linden
Dr Jennifer Linden

“I met my international collaborator at a conference. I was familiar with her papers and we had very similar scientific interests, but from totally different perspectives (systems neuroscience for me, cellular neuroscience and synaptic physiology for her). We realised that we were looking at the same questions in very different ways and that our discussions were therefore scientifically very fruitful and informative for both of us. 

"The International Exchange programme provided our first funding for collaborative work together, and jump-started a collaboration that continues to this day. We have had multiple joint conference papers and are now working on joint manuscripts, and our initial collaboration turned into a much larger research programme now funded by the MRC and Action on Hearing Loss. 

"I expect the long-term outcomes and impacts of the initial International Exchange to continue accumulating for a decade or more, as this collaboration is now a key component of my future research programme.”

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