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Case study: Dr Rachel White and Professor David Battisti

International Exchange, 2014

Imperial College London, UK and University of Washington, USA

Northern Hemisphere Jets and Orography: Interactions and Threshold Behaviour

Rachel White
Dr White and Professor Battisti

“As a relatively new graduate from my PhD, I was looking for my next steps. I had met my co-applicant, Prof. Battisti, at a summer school, and was particularly interested in one of his fields of research. 

"Being awarded this International Exchange grant gave me the opportunity to visit the University of Washington, and work closely with, and learn from, Prof Battisti and others in this prestigious Department. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about atmospheric dynamics, a relatively new field for me, and have continued in this research field to this day. 

"My visit to the University of Washington led me to apply for a JISAO Post-doctoral Fellowship here, which I was awarded, allowing me to continue my collaboration. The International Exchange grant was the catalyst for a number of opportunities that have greatly furthered my career.”

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