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Case study: Dr Ramsey Faragher and Professor Todd Humphreys

International Exchange, 2014

University of Cambridge, UK and University of Texas, USA

Supercorrelation and Strap-down processing for indoor smartphone positioning

“I had the opportunity to work with Professor Todd Humphreys, famous for his work on GPS spoofing and low-cost, high accuracy GPS positioning using carrier phase measurements on consumer devices. My expertise lay in non-GPS positioning, and I had developed a way to use the motion sensors in smartphones to very accurately track the movement of the phone, to the centimetre level. 

"As we worked together, learning from each other's expertise and comparing our techniques I saw the opportunity to devise a new way for GPS receivers to process their data. Many months later I would start up Focal Point Positioning where I would go on to research this idea fully and develop a patented technique called Supercorrelation. 

"The company is currently fourteen people strong and is currently working with GPS manufacturers to deploy supercorrelation within their products by 2020. Our aim to get supercorrelating GPS devices in every smartphone and every vehicle.”

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