Read & Publish for authors

In January 2021 we launched Royal Society Read & Publish as part of our developing open access journey. This is our standard transformative publishing model, which offers a simple, stress-free route to open access publishing. If you are the corresponding author from a signed-up institution, you can publish an unlimited amount of open access articles the Royal Society journals without having to deal with any of the financial aspects of publishing. Once your paper is accepted, all fees and invoices are covered by your institution, leaving you free to concentrate on your research. Under our Read & Publish agreements, you also benefit from unlimited access to all our content, right back to 1665. To read more about Royal Society Read & Publish, please download our PDF flyer.


  • You can check if you are eligible for all the benefits of Royal Society Read & Publish by browsing our list of signed-up institutions.
  • Check on the same list whether the journal you'd like to publish in is included in your institution's package.

    Package Journals included 
     Pack A Philosophocal Transactions A
    Proceedings A
    Interface Focus
    Royal Society Open Science
     Pack B Philosophical Transactions B
    Proceedings B
    Biology Letters
    Interface Focus
    Open Biology
    Royal Society Open Science
     Pack S  All journals
  • Working with a team of researchers? This is no problem. Only the corresponding author needs to belong to an institution with a Read & Publish agreement. 
  • In addition to these agreements, automatic APC waivers are available for researchers from low- to middle income countries.

Ease of submission

During the submission process, simply state details of your institution, select the ‘Read & Publish’ option and we will do the rest.

All our journals welcome open access submissions. Our author journeys below highlight the simple steps from submission to publication for open access papers. 

Why choose us?

There are many reasons for choosing to publish with us: as a non-profit, any profits go back into supporting science; between them, our journals cover the whole of science, with the option of multiple article types and themed issues; our peer review is rigorous and constructive; our times are fast, and our publishing policies meet the guidelines set down by all major funders. When your paper is published, our marketing and press teams work together to provide maximum visibility and impact for your work. 

We hope you will choose to publish your next paper with us. Whichever journal you choose, we will offer you an excellent publishing service.


* Read & Publish is our standard transformative model; however, we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible in order to meet the needs of an institution. At present, transformative deals for the Max Planck institutions and the University of California work in a different way. If you are from these institutions, read more details on our agreements page. Librarians can read more about our approach to tailored Read & Publish agreements and other transformative business models on our Read & Publish page for librarians