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Transparent pricing

Our transparent pricing ensures that we do not receive both an article processing charge and subscription income for open access (OA) articles. View our individual journal and package subscription prices.

How we set 2019 prices

First we took account of cost inflation based upon the official UK Retail Price Index (RPI) at 3.60% (February 2018). Other economic factors may have to be taken into account in future years and we will give details of these as and when they are applicable.

Then we took account of the percentage change in the number of non-OA articles published. We did this by comparing the 2 most recent rolling 3-year periods: 2014-16 and 2015-17 (with 2017 being the last complete year).

By using rolling 3-year periods rather than comparing 1 year with the previous, we hope to smooth out any short-term fluctuations. If the percentage of non-OA articles drops the price will be adjusted accordingly. We have a safety cap of ±15% to this figure to protect libraries from the subscription price changing too suddenly in any 1 year.

Any one-off increases to article numbers, for instance to clear a backlog of articles, as well as OA articles, where a fee has been paid, are not counted in these figures. Any articles that have had a full waiver of the APC fee will be counted as non-OA for this calculation.

Each year we shall publish the percentages and article counts on our web site. The figures used for the 2019 subscription prices are shown below.

Below are final article counts for each subscription title in the periods 2014-16 and 2015-17, and the division of paid OA and non-OA articles in each period. The percentage change in number of non-OA articles is combined with the rate of inflation as measured by UK RPI to give the net decrease or increase in price. For simplicity subsequent prices are rounded down or up to the closest full British Pound, US Dollar or Euro.

2014-16 2015-17 Change in non-OA 2019 Price Adjustment  Notes
Biology Letters 717 articles published, of which 119 paid for OA 677 articles published, of which 115 paid for OA  -6.02%  3.60% - 6.20% = -2.42%
Interface Focus 206 articles published, of which 27 paid for OA 238 articles published, of which 30 paid for OA  +16.20% +15.00% Capped at ±15%
Interface  920 articles published, of which 256 paid for OA  828 articles published, of which 243 paid for OA  -11.90%  3.60% - 11.90% =  -8.30%  
Notes and Records 88 articles published, of which 2 paid for OA 85 articles published, of which 2 paid for OA   -3.49%  3.60% - 3.49% = +0.11%            
Proceedings A 860 articles published, of which 134 paid for OA             881 articles published, of which 163 paid for OA  -1.10%  3.60% - 1.10% = +2.50%                        
Proceedings B 1844 articles published, of which 352 paid for OA 1793 articles published, of which 362 paid for OA  -4.09%   3.60% - 4.09% = -0.49%                        
Philosophical Transactions A 1050 articles published, of which 142 paid for OA  1042 articles published, of which 139 paid for OA   -0.55%  3.60% - 0.55% = +3.05%
Philosophical Transactions B 1250 articles published, of which 325 paid for OA             1198 articles published, of which 315 paid for OA  -4.54%  3.60% - 4.54% = -0.94%
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