Living Landscapes

The Royal Society's programme on the future of land use, combining productivity and environmental stewardship.

There is increasing pressure on UK landscapes to feed, house and power a growing population, to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss and to build a greener, more equal and resilient economy. The Living Landscapes programme explores the scientific, economic and sociological drivers of land use policy. Follow the links below to discover more of the Royal Society’s work in this area.

The flagship report for this programme - Multifunctional Landscapes - advises on the use of science to increase the productivity of land and makes recommendations on the data and analytics, innovation, skills and policy mechanisms required to create landscapes which meet society’s many needs efficiently and sustainably. 

The programme also involved a series of rapid evidence syntheses on ammonia emissions, microplastic pollution and soil structure; a review of historical trends in land use policy; and a public dialogue exploring the public's relationship with the countryside and their aspirations and concerns for its future.

Living Landscapes is chaired by Charles Godfray FRS. For more information on the programme, please contact the Living Landscapes team.