Vision for science, mathematics and computing education

This project aims to set out a vision for how the UK can develop an inspiring and high performing science, mathematics and computing education system over the next 15—20 years.

"Some of the most exciting areas of science and technology involve various disciplines coming together, not only from different areas of natural science and mathematics, but also from the social sciences and humanities. A broad training at an early stage will best prepare us to develop and use skills to tackle entirely new fields."

Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, 2018 Anniversary Address

Science contributes a lot to society but it will only do that if we can get the education of science right.

To equip people to work in an advanced economy, the Royal Society’s ambition for science, computing and mathematics education is to enable people to make informed choices, and become empowered to shape scientific and technological developments.

We set out proposals for achieving this ambition in the Vision for science and mathematics education report in 2014. This aimed to raise the general level of mathematical and scientific knowledge, increase the population’s confidence in science and provide the skills employers need. 

In 2018 we produced an update, highlighting key activities since the publication of Vision.