Call for views

An open call for views was issued in January 2012, following the Vision Committee’s first meeting, which resulted in 138 responses.

Organisations and individuals were asked to submit their views on the five key areas below:

  • Teachers (and the wider workforce): an education system can only be as good as the teachers within it.
  • Leadership and ethos: these are complex concepts within education, but are considered to be significant in affecting the overall performance of individual schools and colleges, and the education system as a whole.
  • Skills, curriculum and assessment: acquiring the right scientific and mathematical skills and knowledge is a key component of an ‘ideal’ 5-19 education process.
  • Infrastructure: this refers to the nature of the learning environment in which formal teaching and learning take place.
  • Accountability: those who are responsible for science and mathematics education within schools and colleges should be accountable for their performance.

You can read non-confidential responses in the documents below.

Call for views - individuals (PDF)

Call for views - organisations (PDF)