BNSC: UK civil space strategy

27 April 2007

TheThe Royal Society submitted evidence to the British National Space Centre (BNSC) consultation on the UK's civil Space strategy. This response builds on our submission to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry on Space policy.

The key points raised included:

  • A new UK Space Agency needs to be set up to replace the BNSC, which lacks the necessary authority, coordination and resources to direct and adequately represent UK Space activities.
  • As a one stop shop' for space, a UK Space Agency should set out and implement a clear national Space strategy; provide a focal point for established and emerging areas of space science; and raise the profile of UK Space activities within the UK Government, wider society and internationally.
  • A UK Space Agency would need funding commensurate with these objectives, as well as support at the highest levels of Government.
  • The ambition for UK involvement in human spaceflight should be retained and developed in a staged process. A UK Space Agency would help build the resources necessary for future and more extensive UK involvement in human spaceflight.