Towards a low carbon future

29 June 2009

Meeting future energy needs while tackling climate change is of the utmost importance but the debate on how to achieve this often considers single technologies in isolation. This document is the report of a two-day discussion meeting Towards a low carbon future that was held at the Royal Society on 17 - 18 November 2008. The meeting reviewed the current and potential technological options and considers how they can contribute to an integrated energy strategy for the future.

The key conclusion arising from the meeting was that there is no single best solution in moving towards a low carbon future: an integrated approach making best use of all available technologies is required.  A number of areas were suggested that require considerable research to be undertaken now if we are to be able to make full future use of technologies such as renewables, bio-energy and fusion. Nontechnological developments were also seen as essential in realising the potential technological developments.

The report describes views expressed at the meeting. Presentations and summaries from each of the topics covered during the meeting are given below. The report,  presentations and summaries do not necessarily represent the views of the Royal Society or those of all the meeting speakers and participants.