Green energies resources

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Following commitments made in the Paris Agreement to pursue efforts to keep temperatures at no more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial times, the UK faces a challenge to move towards a long term low carbon future whilst pursuing an active industrial strategy that creates growth and jobs in the short and medium term. Carbon dioxide emissions are at the heart of the decarbonisation challenge, accounting for 81% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2015.

The Royal Society has produced a policy briefing on the potential and limitations of using carbon dioxide, describing the use of captured carbon dioxide for a variety of applications such as manufacturing fuels, chemicals and materials.

Teachers from the Royal Society Schools Network have developed a lesson plan based on some of the latest research in green energies that can support students to explore this important area of science and technology. 

Green energies lesson plans

Age 11-14 (Key stage 3)

Animations and infographics

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