Problem solving resources

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In 2018, 33 schools across the UK were chosen to receive a small grant to set up a new mathematics or computing focused problem-solving club for their students. The clubs took place at lunchtime or after school on a regular basis, with each club developing its own programme of activities, with support from the Royal Society.

You can find out more about the pilot scheme through the Problem-solving clubs post on the Schools Network blog.

Teachers from the Royal Society Schools Network trialed and identified a number of simple activities that can be used at primary level to help students develop problem solving skills. These skills are valuable for a wide variety of subjects in school, and for a wide variety of careers, including (but not limited to) those involving science, mathematics and computing. The guide below provides advice on the areas of the primary curriculum these activities support and some of the words and approaches it helps students to learn. Many of the activities featured in this document have been sourced from the University of Cambridge's NRICH Roadshow. You can access them free of charge via their website.

Problem solving activities

Age 5-11 (Key stage 1 + 2)

If you use any of these resources with your class or club, please do email us with any feedback you have so we can review the impact these resources are having in schools across the UK.