Major push to get more maths and physics teachers into our classrooms

11 March 2015

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, today announced a major push to get more maths and physics teachers into classrooms.

Responding to the announcement, Professor Dame Julia Higgins FREng FRS, Chair of the Royal Society's Education Committee, said:

"We welcome these initiatives to attract, train and retain more specialist science and mathematics teachers, as well as the Government's recognition of the importance of education - particularly in science and mathematics - to economic growth and prosperity. As the Royal Society's Vision report emphasised last year, this country continues to experience severe shortages of science and mathematics teachers. With primary and secondary school rolls set to rise in the years ahead, eradicating these shortages must be a top priority. A range of strategies will be required to ensure we have enough suitably qualified science and mathematics teachers. Failure to do so will have significant negative consequences for young people and the UK's economic ambitions."