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Ferrier prize lecture by Professor Ray Dolan


The Ferrier prize lecture given by Professor Ray Dolan FMedSci FRS, who was awarded the Ferrier Medal and Lecture 2019.

How do we decide what is the best course of action? How do we use prior experience to guide these actions? How do we decide when outcomes are delayed and uncertain? How do we deploy a model of our environment to assist us in choosing?

Ray Dolan’s group, and collaborators, have tackled such questions over the past two decades. His group uses state of the art brain imaging techniques, combined with a mathematical analysis of behaviour, to probe how these abilities arise out of brain function. This research has revealed new and exciting principles of brain organisation and has also provided insights into how processes related to planning go awry in severe forms of psychiatric disorder.  

The award

The Ferrier Medal and Lecture is for distinguished contributions on the structure and function of the nervous system. The medal is of bronze gilt and is accompanied by a gift of £2,000.

Professor Ray Dolan FMedSci FRS was awarded the Ferrier Medal and Lecture 2019 for his work charting the brain activity related to fundamental aspects of human conduct and behaviour.

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